Classic Collection

In 1973 Stephen Pearce set up his own Pottery, a stone’s throw from the family home and using the same local clay as his father. Stephen’s Classic range is even simpler than his father’s Shanagarry range. His trademark natural terracotta with a splash of white glaze was influenced by a year spent in Japan in the mid-sixties studying under Kanhesaige Toyo, one of Japan’s most famous potters. Over the years Stephen has expanded the ranges but his philosophy has remained the same: simple, simple, useful, useful...

All of the pottery is made from organic local clay, which we wash, press & age in our Pottery. The production processes used employ traditional techniques that have existed for over 250 years in the Shanagarry area.

Each pot is individually crafted, going through 18 skilled hand processes before arriving in your care.

Our products are NSAI certified and comply with irish Legislation on Food Contact Materials, S.I. No.587 of 2007

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