Classic Cereal Bowl|2nd

SPT Cereal Bowl (6" Cereal Bowl)

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Stephen Pearce‰۪s ClassicåÊCollection uses his trademarkåÊnatural terracotta and white glaze. Each bowl is individually crafted, going throughåÊ18 skilled hand processesåÊbefore arriving in your care.

Made by Hand: Employing the same techniques which have been tried and tested by local potters over 250 years. Stephen Pearce brings elegance and functionality to your table with this bowl.

Bowls serve us so often in our daily lives.åÊ At breakfast time, for heartwarming winter soups and stews, for fragrant pasta, rice, and stir-fries, for dips, sauces and glistening salads, for making bread and delightful cakes...Stephen Pearce handmade cereal bowls have been a much-loved part of family life around the world for over two generations.


16.5 cm (width)  5.5cm (height)