Our seconds are a result of 1. the human hand at work, where unique conditions lead to slight variations and differences, preserved in the clay and 2. during kiln firing, where variations in temperature can occur which result in glazed pots appearing lighter or darker than the ideal colour standard or small surface imperfections can arise.

These imperfections are usually quite minor but can vary from piece to piece and range to range. They are purely cosmetic blemishes and in no way detract from the safety, strength or durability of the pieces concerned. Their quality and functionality are a thoughtful option for those who value character and an organic quality to their household objects. If you are buying Seconds pieces to mix with your Best Quality from our pottery ranges you may see a difference in colour of the pieces etc. If you have specific aesthetic needs or preferences for your Seconds items, you may prefer to visit us at the Old Pottery where self-selection is available, but only when we are open again.

Every piece of pottery that we produce is handmade and therefore unique. Seconds pieces vary slightly more from the 'norm' in terms of colour, size, finish, appearance or weight than what we deem 'First' quality. But just because the pieces aren't up to 'First quality' doesn't mean they need to go in the bin. These perfectly imperfect pieces are a great way to pick up some bargains to add to your collection!

All Seconds purchases in shop and online are final sale.



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